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It's been a while...

Posted by auraPhoenix on March 2, 2014 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I recently recieved a new game from a good friend of mine - Animal Crossing: New Leaf (thank you, Tia!). I tend to get carried away with games, as some of you may know. Well, if you are familiar with AC:NL (Animal Crossing, not Assassin's Creed; though I do enjoy both), you may know something of pattern-making. This is my new obsession.

Being the obsessive perfectionist I am, I have played almost nothing but this game for a week. The result? Patterns. Patterns everywhere.

If you play AC:NL, and also are familiar with Idle Spirits (my story series, containing the world of Emaris), you may be interested in downloading some of these patterns. At the moment, I have finished seven character outfits and two face cut-out standee desgns, which I will upload the QR codes for in just a bit. You can find them in their own album in the Photos section. Please refrain from posting them elsewhere; if you would like to share them, please share a link to this website. That is all I ask.


I'm also contemplating a re-boot of the old AC:WW play group, albeit in AC:NL instead, and under the title of Hoshiro Studios Play Group. For those of you who may not know, the Y'oster Movie Group was a group that enacted plays in our towns (usually Y'oster, hence the name). If we really do want to restart this group, please let me know in the Guestbook or the Comments below, or, if you're a member of Animal Crossing Community, PT LPSGiRL53 (a username I still regret).


In other news, I've decided to start re-working Idle Spirits cycle I in the coming months. Soon, I will be drawing, writing, and uploading character art and profiles for cycle I, which I should have posted sometime this month. Look out for them!


Stay awesome!
-- AuraPhoenix