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Welcome to Hoshiro Studios! This website was made by a small project group to use for organization and easily found updates.

★ The Blogs page features our Members' Blogs, which display the most recent acheivements of the site's members.
★ The Forums page shows conversations about our projects and show progress made as it happens.
★ The Photos page displays art, sprites, and screenshots related to ongoing projects.
★ Our Guestbook page allows you to post comments, advice and opinions on anything found on this site, or the site itself. We love getting feedback so we know how we can improve!

We may also have individual pages for the different projects when they are close to completion. Keep checking back often, and feel free to sign-up and explore!

Hoshiro Studios

Hoshiro Studios started as a small group project in Feburary of 2011. There were eight members at the time, working on a fan-created sequel to one of our favorite game series. Eventually it spun off into the site it is now with numerous projects, both fan-based and original. We currently have four active group members, but will accept more.

Official Mascot Competition

We currently have an ongoing competition to see who can come up with the best mascot representative for Hoshiro Studios. The winning entry (or entries) will be used to promote our group, and will be featured around the site. They may also appear in projects, maybe as a reference or even a guest character. Rules and guidelines may be found in our blog post or on the forums (under "Site Related"). All entries must be in before January 1st, 2014 to be accepted.